electric bike

The advantages of the electric bike


The electric bike brings a real ease of crossing hills and false flats and its comfort of use makes the practice of the VAE pleasant whatever the conditions. Like a traditional bicycle, it doesn’t take up much space and it saves you a lot of money compared to the car when you use it for your daily journeys. Thanks to the electric assistance, you can cover great distances without getting tired and without sweating.

The freedom to cycle without wasted effort

Hillocks and hills often set back more than one person who would have gladly done without their car to practice cycling. With an electric bike, break the lock!

Hill climbs will no longer be an obstacle to cycling, as the assistance provided by the electric motor will allow you to pass with ease and effortlessly (but while pedaling) all the hills in your path.

The choice to get free from clogs without making more effort than in a car

Many French cities have opted for a proactive policy with regard to cyclists by creating numerous cycle paths on all the major axes and by opening the lanes reserved for public transport to electric bicycles.

Circulation by electric bike is therefore facilitated and you will go quickly and safely to your place of work in the face of motorists tired and stressed by traffic jams.

The electric bike can suit 80% of your trips

In France more than 80% of trips are less than 10 km. This distance is very easy to cover by electric bike. In addition, 50% of journeys are often less than 3 km!

The possibility of realizing significant savings

Despite a higher purchase cost than a traditional bike due to the technology to which it is linked, the electric bike is an excellent way to make big savings when it is used to get to the work or to make trips for which you usually use your car.

Indeed, even without taking into account the costs related to the purchase loan, insurance, overhauls and repairs, a car costs on average €0.085 per kilometer traveled just in gasoline.

However, still on average, an electric bike will only cost 1 euro in electricity for 1000 kilometers traveled (0.001 euro per kilometer!). The comparison is therefore difficult to sustain because the gap is so great:

It is therefore an opportunity to participate in the fight to protect our planet. The batteries having a fairly long lifespan , their eventual replacement will not even tarnish this obvious difference.

Far from clichés, you have to realize that the slightest effort counts in the balance: on average, a car emits 164.2 grams of CO2 per km travelled.

Leaving your car in the garage saves kilos, even tons of CO2, which is the main pollutant responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Using an electric bike does not produce CO2 and consumes very little electricity. In addition, by using only a little electricity, you contribute to not drying up the planet’s fossil fuel reserves for no reason and you participate in energy savings.

The opportunity to reconciliate with the highway code

Cyclists often “burn” the lights and stop signs because once stopped, it is often painful to start again… With your electric bike you will no longer have this problem!

From the first quarter turn of the wheel, the engine starts up and allows you to restart as if you had not stopped.


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