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Advantages and disadvantages of the electric bike


The first thing you should know about electric bikes is that it’s not a fashionable means of transport, it’s indeed an alternative to “all car” to get around town without polluting. and without spending tens of euros per month on fuel.

Sales of electric bicycles have made an incredible leap in a few years, it is now an industry that weighs hundreds of millions of euros worldwide.

Even major car companies are funding pedelec projects because they realize that cars in densely populated urban areas are a model that no longer works due to pollution and increasing mortality from nanoparticles. .

Electrically assisted bicycles are not there to deprive you of your bad driving habits, but to make you aware of the savings and benefits for your health and that of your children, because you no longer pollute.

The disadvantages of the electric bike

An electric bike may lack speed for some cyclists, as they are limited to 25 km/h. For the more athletic, there are also models of electric bikes called Speed-Bikes which allow you to drive at 45km/h, which is sufficient for most journeys.

Electric bikes are dependent on their battery, which must be recharged and the cost when it no longer works.

Electric bikes are heavy due to motor and battery compared to a mechanical bike. A difference of up to 10 to 15kg depending on the model. Be careful if you decide to buy an electric folding bike, it takes strength to put it in a car trunk or climb it up the stairs.

The price of a good electric bike is still high, but the investment pays off quite quickly compared to using a car. Prices vary between 1500€ and more than 5000€ for a quality bike equipped with a motor system from a major manufacturer such as Bosch, Shimano or Yamaha.

The advantages of the electric bike

E-bikes make pedaling easier in all situations, thanks to their battery-powered electric assistance. When you pedal, the motor engages automatically and allows you to climb slopes easily without effort, which makes it possible to arrive at work without being sweaty.

The sensations provided by an electric bike are extraordinary, because you only have to control your speed, the electric bike does the rest. You feel strong and you accelerate very easily up to 25km/h which allows you to drive around town with complete peace of mind, because when stationary you accelerate like a car.

After having tried an electric bicycle, you will increase the frequency of your trips on two wheels, because after buying an electric bicycle, we pedal more often, because we know that we will not be tired after climbing hills. of his journey.

Riding an electric bike remains a physical exercise, which is why sedentary people see their health improve in a month with the use of an e-bike three times a week.

Being overweight is often a hindrance to fitness, with the use of an electric bike no more excuses to avoid doing sports because of the tensions, because cycling is a sport carried like swimming.

Need to transport heavy objects or go shopping, some models of electric bikes are utilities called e-cargo bikes that can carry up to 200kg while rolling effortlessly.

The first motivation for buying an electric bike is to reduce the expense and inconvenience associated with traveling by car in large cities. And for others who are looking for a means of transport that respects the environment in order to reduce pollution.

The French government encourages the purchase of electric vehicles with different financial boosts through different bonuses .


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